Times are good for ghostwriters and those looking for just one. Whether for a bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or for the dissertation – the demand for ghostwriters and the supply of ghostwriters has increased significantly in recent years. And that’s exactly the problem. Because even if so many jobs have been created and people with a talent for writing can finally live it out, it is a real ordeal for those who are looking for a ghostwriter to fight through the jungle of offerings. After all, the commitment of a ghostwriter is also a matter of trust. However, confidence is weakened by the fact that the ghostwriting industry is not immune from dubious and dubious providers and offers. In addition, ghostwriters are not charged with writing a succinct and unimportant text. On the contrary, a ghostwriter is needed, it is usually a very important scientific work. Therefore, not only should ghostwriters be able to write well, but they should know the requirements of academic work and be familiar with the scientific way of working. In addition, ghostwriters should also be extremely smart personalities. After all, they are expected to quickly familiarize themselves with new topics. But how and where do you find these extraordinary people and how do you differentiate them from scammers?

Even if you happen to be looking for a ghostwriter, here’s what you should be aware of and what the market has in store for you.

Three tips on how to find the perfect ghostwriter

In the meantime, pretty much everything is offered on the internet. Ghostwriters are also making their services known there. With the right keywords you will quickly find it. But you can find more on the internet. For example, the reviews of other customers, you should not ignore. Therefore, the first tip is: Take a close look at them! Here you will find everything about customer satisfaction and seriousness. Does the commissioned work convince qualitatively and did the ghostwriter deliver punctually? Satisfied and dissatisfied customers leave their mark on the Internet and thus provide you with an aid to help you get an initial overview and impression.

The second tip is: compare offers! It does not hurt to once again compare ghostwriters who have been shortlisted. Can a particular supplier have special references? Which services are actually offered? And how is the price-performance ratio? If you have narrowed down your selection again by the comparison, you are ready to put the third tip into action. This is: Contact your favorites! Because only in direct exchange can you find out if they fit together. Introduce your topic! Say what you value most! Do not be afraid to ask any questions whose answers are important to you. And then wait and see what happens! Good and serious ghostwriters will answer you quickly, respond to your requests and advise you comprehensively.

What kind of text do you want to write?

Of course, choosing the right ghostwriter depends on what type of text you want to commission. For example, if you want to write down your biography or a special story of your life, then you must contact a ghostwriter who specializes in this and especially. If, on the other hand, you would like to write a paper, an essay, or your master’s thesis, then you should contact a ghostwriter who is at home in the academic field.

Ghostwriters either organize themselves in intermediary agencies or offer their services on their own. Especially larger agencies convince by their bandwidth. From thesis to proofreading to plagiarism testing – the service of reputable agencies is extensive. This also applies to the subject areas. Thanks to the many authors who bring together ghostwriting agencies under their roof, they can provide their services for all sorts of study programs.

A small but fine selection – 6 agencies in the quick check

We’ve already bothered and looked around for you in the ghostwriting industry. We came across a few very interesting providers and offers, as we would like to introduce you.

Diversity and support

The ghostwriting agency relies on diversity. No matter what scientific format you are looking for a ghostwriter, you can find it on our website. The company also convinces through bandwidth in terms of the specialist areas. But our company does more. Students looking for tips on writing scientific papers can look at the many articles and guides has put online. In this way, our students learn how best to approach a scientific work and what is absolutely important with regard to such a work. In addition, we will explain to interested parties about the ghostwriting process in general and their own approach in particular.

Gwriters – For full score and against black sheep

What strikes Gwriters is that they take their jobs as ghostwriters very seriously and want to kill the black sheep in the ghostwriting industry. Therefore, the agency Gwriters informs about fraudsters who are in the industry, and draws attention to dubious websites. The Gwriters also rely on a comprehensive service.

Acad-Write – international and experienced

Acad-Write has been in business for many years and not just in Germany. Even in the US, the agency can assert itself successfully. Their offer includes scientific work. In addition, Acad-Write will help you to formulate your research proposal, write your motivation letter, and get your publication off the ground. Also, Acad-Write offers scientific coaching and supports you in your lesson planning.

Dr. Franke Consulting – discreet, fast and experienced

Also the agency Dr. Franke Consulting has been in business for a while. In addition to scientific work, you can also have your non-fiction book, screenplay or biography written by the agency’s experts. In doing so Dr. Franke Consulting on discretion and highly qualified academics.

Business & Science – experts in all conceivable fields

Business & Science unites qualified academics from all disciplines under one roof. From agricultural science to tourism science to socio-economics – at Business & Science you will find the experts for your specialization. However, the company not only helps you write your master’s thesis or exam paper, but is also your point of contact if you are looking for assistance in creating a presentation, business plan or speech.

Hauck & Autoren – Support in University Life

The company Hauck & Autoren supports students in their everyday university life. From the small to the large scientific work, a qualified and professional team is at your side to advise you. In addition, the agency Hauck & Authors also offers help with literature research and topic search.